Tech Lead

■ Required Skills and Experience

– Proficient skills of back-end development in major programming languages such as Java, Golang, Ruby, JavaScript (TypeScript) , etc

– Proficient skills of web front-end development using modern frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular with using TypeScript. Experience with any other languages which can be compiled to JavaScript like Elm is a plus

– Experience with DevOps/infrastructure on cloud-based environment such as AWS, GCP or Azure. Kubernetes is preferred

– Experience with leading development team, size of 3 engineers or more

– Understanding of MVC, Clean Architecture, DDD, BFF, etc

– Experience of developing the company’s own business service with a team

– Ability to communicate in business-level English

– Interest and basic knowledge about blockchain, Ethereum, smart contracts, cryptocurrency and web3.0

■ Welcomed Skills and Experience

– Experience of contributing to OSS

– Experience of speaking outside and inside the company at a talk event or conference (if you have a URL, please let us know)

– Experience of developing in both types of method: waterfall and agile.

– Experience in large scale refactoring or its leadership

■ Contact Us If These Sound Like You!

– You have made Dapps and have thoughts about its possibilities.

– You are able to actively gather information outside of your scope.

– You are inspired by new technologies and trends in the world.

■ Our Development Environment

Frontend: Nuxt.js (TypeScript), Next.js (TypeScript), CSR/SSR, REST, GraphQL, SCSS

Backend: Node.js (TypeScript), NestJS (both CSR and SSR)

Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform(GCP)

Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon

Source control: GitHub

CI/CD: CircleCI

Design: Figma

Communication: Zoom, Slack, Notion, GitHub, JIRA

Although this is our current environment, you are welcome to implement changes to a more appropriate environment.

For inquiry about recruitment and application, please contact us by filling in the form.