Startbahn Inc. start engaging in revitalization of art market with blockchain, by tieing up with companies in Japan.


Press Release

Startbahn will gradually start a project to revitalize the art market using blockchain in collaboration with many players in Japan.

■ Introduction of each company

・ Tanseisha Co, Ltd.
Utilization of blockchain technology on “B-OWND”, a platform that will be able to sell and distribute Japanese arts and crafts worldwide starting next spring.

・ BTCompany Co., Ltd.
Examination and step-by-step verification of the use of blockchain certificates at the “OIL by Bijutsu Techou”, a participatory art EC service scheduled to start in the spring of 2019.


Discussion on both services and technology for the development of blockchain authentication service in Asia's largest art EC mail order "@GALLERY TAGBOAT"


Purchase works, propose to purchase art works for collectors, and use issuance of blockchain certificates at Tokura, which provides exhibitions and insurance services.

・ Amatium

Use of blockchain API provided by Startbahn and ownership certificate by smart contract in digitization of artwork and distribution management of works.

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