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Startbahn's vision is to create an infrastructure for art distribution and evaluation. To achieve this, Startbahn provides the technology needed by every actor involved in the art world. We are looking forward to welcoming the first 50 forward-thinking members to our team.

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Culture & Workstyle

Creativity and Diversity

Our team consists of professionals with diverse experiences and interests. In addition to gallerists and art school graduates, our team is made up of software engineers and developers, creating a diverse and interactive culture on a daily basis. Startbahn is an international workplace as well. As we are building an infrastructure for the global art world, we are actively hiring people from all over the world. Many of our Japanese staff speak English, so communication is not a problem.

Open-Minded Environment

We pride ourselves on our constant, two-way communication between employees regardless of position, age, and/or team.
We also strive to create an open environment where all employees are able to propose new businesses and reform our internal systems.
The progress and decisions of each team and project are always shared in a way that is easily accessible to everyone. Therefore, you are always invited to share your opinions and participate in discussions, even in teams and projects that you are not directly part of.

Choose Your Own Workplace

We currently encourage remote work, with more than 90% of our employees working from their homes. Since June 2020, we have updated our benefits package which now includes lending monitors and office chairs to upgrade home offices and a new remote work allowance. We have employees working remotely from rural areas of Japan and some from overseas.

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