What is Startrail?

We are developing Startrail, an infrastructure for the distribution and evaluation of artworks that creates a thriving fine arts ecosystem by furthering its trust and credibility.

Startrail Official Site & White Paper

Introduction Video

Taihei Shii, CEO of Startbahn, talks about his company's work with Startrail.

What We Do

The Blockchain Network for Art

Startrail is a blockchain infrastructure for issuing and managing NFTs, built by Startbahn. It secures transaction reliability, artwork authenticity, and inheritance value.

Art businesses involved in the distribution and management of artworks, such as galleries, auction houses, e-commerce platforms, museums, and private art collections issue and transfer NFTs through Startrail – while owners seamlessly access their digitized collections with their artworks' information stored and recorded on a safe blockchain infrastructure.

It seamlessly manage a collection of artworks across services, by setting Terms & Conditions for secondary distribution and use of artworks in advance, without the need to create crypto-wallets or use cryptocurrency.

You can issue NFTs for a variety of art forms, including physical works such as paintings, sculptures, and installations, and digital works based on data such as images, video, and audio.

For its independence and fairness

Startrail is an infrastructure that all art businesses can connect to across services. By distributing SRRs along with artworks, we will connect both non- and for-profit art-related services around the world and automatically record the provenance of all artworks. With this new art infrastructure, we will realize a world where secondary distribution and use of the artworks become easier.

The white paper of Startrail was released in 2019 to give a full picture of the project including its vision and specifications.

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