Art-Tech Company Startbahn Welcomes Tokyo Art Beat, Online Art Media, Into Its Company Group. In cooperation, they aim to create an ecosystem for the art market.


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Startbahn, Inc. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Taihei Shii; hereinafter Startbahn) — developing “Startrail,” a blockchain infrastructure for art distribution and evaluation— is delighted to announce that Tokyo Art Beat, an online media for art scenes in Tokyo, is joining Startbahn company group. Startbahn and Tokyo Art Beat will cooperate to create an ecosystem for the art market’s prosperity.

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Focusing on art and technology, Startbahn creates an infrastructure for the distribution of art. The company provides a blockchain-based managing system for art certificates and provenance. Startbahn aimes to create a world where trade and use of artworks are secure and smooth.

Tokyo Art Beat is an online media for all art lovers worldwide. It introduces to a broad audience, from soon-to-be art fans to dedicated enthusiasts, opportunities to experience and enjoy art. The media used to run as an NPO, and it has started off as Art Beat, Inc. (hereinafter Art Beat) from Oct. 1, 2020.

With Tokyo Art Beat joining Startbahn, they will cooperate to create an ecosystem for the art market’s prosperity.

■ Taihei Shii, Startbahn’s CEO, commented:

“Since its establishment in 2004, Tokyo Art Beat has distributed valuable information on art in both Japanese and English for 16 years. They adopted the right technology at a very early stage and supported the art life of many to this day. Tokyo Art Beat is not only an appreciated platform for art fans, but also a place where insightful archives are stored.”

“Startbahn’s mission is to vitalize the entire art industry by creating a global infrastructure using technology. For Startbahn, Art Beat is a vital hub to connect with the museums and galleries to develop the ecosystem. We believe that Art Beat will generate meaningful synergies both domestically and internationally.”

“For Tokyo Art Beat, it will be able to provide users with more convenient features and information and to expand its audience domestically and internationally by joining Startbahn and with its cutting edge technology.. We believe that Tokyo Art Beat will not only increase the current fans’ satisfactions and gain new fans, but also energize the entire art industry.”

“By cooperating together, I am confident that we can bring the value to the world which neither Startbahn nor Art Beat alone could have brought by itself.”

■ A Discussion Article Released on Tokyo Art Beat

An article on reasons behind converting to a joint stock corporation and joining Startbahn is released on Tokyo Art Beat. Kosuke Fujitaka, co-founder of Tokyo Art Beat, Xin Tahara, the Brand Director of Tokyo Art Beat, and Taihei Shii, an artist and Startbahn’s CEO, discuss the past and the future of Tokyo Art Beat.

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■ About Art Beat, Inc.

Art Beat runs Tokyo Art Beat, an online media launched in 2004. Tokyo Art Beat is composed of about 500 posts monthly on exhibition information in English and Japanese and the latest art news articles. Art Beat also runs a YouTube channel for video contents. Its iOS app has been loved for 10 years and more as a platform for reading news, finding events, searching the nearest exhibitions, and getting museum coupons called “MuPon.” Art Beat also hosts in-person art events.

■ About Startbahn, Inc.

Startbahn is a company that aims to realize a richer society by providing the technology needed by artists and people involved in art all over the world. We are promoting the development of Startrail, a blockchain infrastructure for art distribution and evaluation. Startrail was released on the testnet in October 2018, and many art industry personnel joined the project. After receiving a variety of valuable feedbacks on Startrail from our partner businesses and organizations, the white paper was released in October 2019. Startrail is now on the mainnet, released in August 2020.

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