Startbahn Cert. Is Introduced At An Exhibition “Power of one painting” Hosted by island JAPAN.



Startbahn Cert. will be introduced at an exhibition "Power of one painting" held online and at PROJECT 501, on April 30 - May 31, 2020. The Blockchain Certificate with an IC tag will be issued to about 20 works in the exhibition.

The Blockchain Certificate will record information about the work and its terms of use. The artwork owner can view the information at any time by reading the IC Tag attached to the artwork with a smartphone or other devices.

Below are the details of the exhibition.

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Feel the "Power of one painting" that never fades

An exhibition that starts online

∈Y∋ / Kiichiro Adachi / ARIKA / Everyday Holiday Squad / Maki Ohkojima
Kasetsu / Akira Kamo / Keeenue / Takuro Tamayama / DIEGO / Kosuke Nagata
Sakurako Hamaguchi / BIRDMAN / BIEN / Naoya Hirata / Rintaro Fuse

The exhibition "Power of one Painting" will start online from April 30 with the art e-commerce "OIL by Bijutsu Techo" . The actual exhibition will be held at PROJECT 501 from May 20th (Wed) to May 31st (Sun). (Reservation required.) A part of the exhibition proceeds will be donated to artists working diligently to express themselves despite this situation and those suffering from the new coronavirus's effects with support from the Eastern Culture Foundation.

Many have been spending more time at home than usual due to the new corona virus's spread. We would like to sincerely thank those of you who are still working under these circumstances.
We have wondered if there is any way to convey the unchangeable power of expression even in these difficult times; That is why we have started a project called " Power of one painting."

The "Power of one painting" will be exhibited online on OIL by Bijutsu Techo.
We will donate the proceeds from the exhibition to artists sincerely working on their art and those suffering from the new coronavirus effects.

The work price is mostly 130,000 yen, of which 100,000 yen will be used to return the money to the artists and cover the system management costs, and 30,000 yen for donations. Donations above 30,000 yen are also welcome and are up to the customers' choice. "Eastern Culture Foundation" will support those affected by the new coronavirus with those donations (*).

We let it sink in that there have been predecessors who kept painting during the Great Depression and war. Even today, artists are working quietly in their studios and diligently working on their paintings. What we have always done was to bring people together with their artworks; this is what we must do now as well.

With the help of Dr. Yuki Wasano, an otolaryngologist himself, we will be exhibiting at PROJECT 501 and will also be presenting works in 3D archive and video. (Scheduled for May 20-31)

If you like what you see on the web, you will receive your work in a short time. With an artwork, we are encouraged by reflecting on people around us. We are looking forward to seeing it arrive at your home.


*Eastern Culture Foundation: founded by Yoshitoshi Nakano, former president of Terada Soko, after receiving the Mont Blanc International Cultural Award (2018). It aims to establish a conflict-free Eastern cultural area by creating a borderless creative network and providing cultural support across regions and borders in Tokyo and Asia. They support Startbahn Cert., Blockchain Certificate issuing service with IC tags for art and plan to offer it in this exhibition.

Power of one painting

■Where: OIL by Bijutsu Techo(ONLINE) / PROJECT 501 (501 Villa Bianca, 2-33-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan)
■Artists: ∈Y∋ / Kiichiro Adachi / ARIKA / Everyday Holiday Squad / Maki Ohkojima
Kasetsu / Kamo Akira / Keeenue / Takuro Tamayama / DIEGO / Kosuke Nagata
Sakurako Hamaguchi / BIRDMAN / BIEN / Naoya Hirata / Rintaro Fuse
■When: 2020. 04.30 - 05.31 (ONLINE)| 05.20 - 05.30 (PROJECT 501)
■Opening Hours: Always open online | PROJECT 501 takes an Appointment System (TEL 03-6874-3273)
■URL: |
■Planning: HARUKAITO by island (island JAPAN Inc.)
■Cooperation: Eastern Culture Foundation
■Images and captions: Download from the link here:

"Power of one painting" originated at "Art Action 3331" in 2011, the year of the Great East Japan Earthquake. With the hope that a painting has ever-lasting power, we donated money to an art NPO AID, through a donation box placed on the exhibition. We did the same thing on NADiff's 7th anniversary; at that time, we exhibited some of the paintings at the HiyoriArt Center in Ishinomaki and held a "Picture Parade" where we walked the streets with the paintings. And in 2017, it was held at BLOCK HOUSE, with the theme of art's role in the changing media environment.


Kiichiro Adachi


Maki Ohkojima






Naohiro Hirata

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