Startbahn Collaborates With ANREALAGE To Mint NFTs For Their Spring/Summer 2022 Paris Fashion Week Collection.



Startbahn collaborates with Japanese tech-forward brand ANREALAGE on an unprecedented NFT project for their Spring/Summer 2022 Paris Collection. “ANREALAGE x BELLE LOOK” Screen-Wear NFTs were minted on Startrail, a Startbahn-operated blockchain infrastructure which guarantees authenticity and long-term value inheritance.

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For its 2022 Spring/Summer Collection presented at Paris Fashion Week, Japanese acclaimed brand ANREALAGE premiered “ANREALAGE x BELLE LOOK,” a fully-digital look inspired by director Mamoru Hosoda’s latest animated film Belle. The digital look was tokenized and sold as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to NFT Naruto Museum of Art, Japan’s first museum entirely dedicated to collecting and exhibiting NFTs.

Startrail, a blockchain infrastructure built by Startbahn, minted the NFT for this digital look. Startrail guarantees the authenticity of the original digital content and permanently stores the issuer’s terms for secondary distribution and use. The sale was entirely coordinated by Tanseisha, which has been using Startrail since 2019 to run B-OWND, an e-commerce platform for design and fine art.

Eleven works from ANREALAGE’s NFT collection, including the “ANREALAGE x BELLE LOOK,” were sold to the NFT Naruto Museum of Art. NFT Naruto Museum of Art is the first NFT museum in Japan, which aims to promote and develop the appreciation for NFT artworks to the Japanese public. ANREALAGE’s NFT collection and digital look will be exhibited at the NFT Naruto Museum of Art in the near future.

In addition, seven NFT items with ANREALEAGE’s S/S 2022 digital looks will be available for sale on OpenSea from Sunday, October 17th. Based on the presence of Startrail-minted NFTs, purchasers will be able to determine the authenticity of items sold by ANREALAGE. Startrail NFTs will also be minted to ANREALAGE’s works sold on OpenSea using the "Startrail PEG" system operated by Starbahn.

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Startbahn is a leading Japanese art tech company providing blockchain infrastructure to empower stakeholders across the entire art market spectrum. Startbahn operates Startrail, a sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure that assures the reliability, authenticity, and traceability of artworks, including NFTs. Statbahn’s clients include notable auction houses, artists, galleries, private collectors, and content holders, amongst others.

■ About Startrail

Startrail is a sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure that assures the reliability, authenticity, and traceability of artworks, including NFTs. Startrail has a strong focus on the art ecosystem and a long-term perspective to protect and increase artworks’ value. Startrail maintains and assures the value of artworks by permanently recording provenance as well as auction and exhibition history. Artists can also set terms for their issued artworks, including royalty rights, that may be triggered after their primary sale.

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