Startbahn Continues to Encourage Employees to Work Remotely After the State of Emergency Is Lifted



Startbahn would like to express our sincere sympathy to those who have been affected by COVID-19 and their families and hope their speedy recovery. Things seem to gradually return to normal in Japan as Tokyo has recently lifted the state of emergency; however, please take care of yourselves regardless during this difficult time.

To protect our colleagues and their families, all employees at Startbahn have worked from home since Tokyo’s declaration of the state of emergency on April 7th. On May 14th, we have conducted a survey asking employees for their opinions on the working style after the state of emergency is lifted. According to this survey, nearly half of them expressed, “It is not necessary to go to the office.” Furthermore, no one answered, “They wanted to go to the office every day.”

We were fully operational and able to maintain our productivity without facing any serious difficulties caused by remote working. Given that, we have decided to continue encouraging employees to work remotely from June onward to respect our employees’ voices.

Startbahn is taking new initiatives as follows to improve the working environment for our employees.

■ Cutting Office Space

Our company currently has two locations: the head office and the annex. In light of the fact that productivity did not decline during the work-from-home period, we have decided to close the annex office. Reduced costs will be used to update the benefits program explained below. The head office will remain at the University of Tokyo's South Research Building and will continue to function for administrative purposes and minimal meetings that require in-person connectivity.

■ Improving Benefits Program

We have updated our benefits program to maintain a comfortable and productive working environment at home for each employee. From May, all employees have been provided an allowance to improve their working environment at home. In addition, we have lent office equipment such as monitors and office chairs that sat in our office for employees if necessary.

■ Steps to Maintain Well-being

We take it seriously that a new working environment may cause unexpected inconvenience and stress. In order to maintain employees’ mental health and improve their motivations, we are creating an environment where employees can care about each other while they can reach out for casual conversations. Not only do we promote “Remote Nomikai (online dinner chat),” but we are also holding a weekly “Online Coffee Break” on Fridays, where all members of the company can join and relax.

Due to the continuation of the remote working, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your understanding in this regard.

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