Startbahn Has Launched an Headless NFT Solution for Corporate Customers, based on the Concept of Protecting and Nurturing Content over the Long Term.


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Startbahn, Inc. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter Startbahn) provides blockchain and backend systems for content companies to start their NFT business. Using our backend system, companies can keep their brand appeal and build an NFT service around their content. Moreover, the NFTs minted by using our system can be traded across services with their own ruleset, which is difficult to do in the current NFT market. With our carefully designed Headless NFT Solution, companies can protect and nurture their content even in the secondary distribution.


Startbahn develops an infrastructure and services to ensure the reliability and authenticity of artworks by utilizing blockchain and NFT. In response to the recent NFT movement, we have received a number of inquiries from prominent content companies regarding the implementation of NFT. In order to meet their needs, Startburn has launched a new Headless NFT Solution, providing systems and solutions to help content companies launch NFT services.

Examples of services where NFT can be implemented

E-Commerce (BtoC, CtoC)
Games (trading cards, etc.)
Social network services

Launching an NFT service requires the hiring of scarce blockchain engineers and a lot of development time. Moreover, frequent system updates are required to keep the service running. By using this solution, you can reduce these costs and time, and focus on building and operating the service itself. It also provides a secondary distribution management system, which is important for protecting and nurturing content over the long term.

Companies can use this system not only for introducing NFT to services already in operation, but also as a foundation for building services from scratch. We also provide support for business planning and strategy development using NFT.

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Strengths of the Headless NFT Solution Provided by Startbahn

1. Secondary Distribution Management across Services

NFTs have been attracting a lot of attention in recent years, but there are many problems in their distribution. In particular, it should be noted that existing NFT services are not compatible with each other, making it difficult to manage secondary distribution and use across services.

Digital content theoretically never degrades permanently, and once published as NFT, it remains on the blockchain. In order to protect and nurture content, Startbahn strongly recognizes the importance of long-term management of its rights and information, and has created a system that can manage secondary distribution.

By using this solution, it becomes possible to set and inherit not only basic information of the content and its publisher, but also its ruleset and its royalty fees. We are planning to announce the compatibility system with existing NFT marketplaces including those with global recognition in the future.

2. Linking to Physical Objects

Startbahn has been carefully building a system to link real artworks with blockchain information. By using the IC tag technology provided by Startbahn, it is possible to link NFT information with real objects as well as digital ones. It is also possible to distribute both physical products and their digital twins as NFT.

3. User-Friendly Experience

Most NFT services require users to bear the cost of gas (transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain) due to their structure. On the other hand, with Headless NFT Solution provided by Starbahn, users do not have to pay for the gas, so they can use the service more easily since we have implemented a system that the operating service can take over the burden of the gas cost.

We also provide an effective solution for blockchain secret key management, which is a major barrier for users. With our system, they can manage their key by just logging in with their Google account or their email address.

4. Inexpensive and Sustainable System

In Ethereum, the cost of gas continues to rise. In addition, concerns about the environmental impact are increasing due to the large amount of electricity consumed. Measures to deal with these issues are essential for the operation of services using Ethereum.

In response to this situation, we at Startbahn have been devising various measures. For example, we have adopted a layer 2 solution called Polygon. It allows us to build a sustainable service by reducing electricity consumption as well as gas costs.

5. Support for a Variety of Content

To date, Startbahn has built a system that supports the value assurance of artworks. The system has already been used for thousands of artworks, including high-priced works. In 2020, we have started the joint-business with Wacom Inc. and pixiv Inc. to support the value assurance of a variety of content. In March 2021, Shueisha Inc. has launched a system to support the value assurance of manga art, which is now sold worldwide.

Shueisha has launched global sales of "manga-art". Startbahn's blockchain certificate supports the inheritance of its value as an artwork".

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Examples of Functions Provided by Headless NFT Solution

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For companies that are considering building more advanced applications, we can also provide a fully customized system.

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