Startbahn Officially Decided a Service Logo and an Original Design for an IC Tag of “Startbahn Cert.”: Blockchain Registry Record Issuing Service with IC Tags for Artworks.



Startbahn, Inc. (hereinafter Startbahn) officially announces a logo design of its own service, “Startbahn Cert.”. We have also included this logo design in an “Artwork Management Tag with an IC chip (hereinafter IC Tag)” and decided its Original design.

Startbahn Cert. is a service that allows certificate-issuing organizations to issue both Startrail Registry Record (hereinafter SRR)* and an IC Tag. With this design update, we aim to expand our business to a larger audience.

■ Logo Design

In this logo design, we try to show our objective of this service, “The value of artworks ‘constantly changing throughout their history’ on Startrail is secured by the trustable User Interface (UI) of Startbahn Cert.”

2020-05-26 17.52.36

Artworks do not only show their aesthetic value but also include stories in time such as future transitions of their owners and their potential value increase. These stories of transition are accurately recorded on Startrail, blockchain network for art distribution. Then, this service, “Startbahn Cert.,” functions as a UI to access the stories. The logo design of Startbahn Cert. that is created with a combination of the circle and the square demonstrates “relationship between network and interface.” As a logo color, we have adopted black based on navy blue that is a symbol of credibility.

■ IC Tag Original Design

Artwork owners can view information recorded on SRR by scanning an IC Tag attached to the artwork with their smart devices. We provide two types of IC Tags, stickers or cards, to be attached accordingly to the shape and material of the artwork. We have updated an original design for this IC Tag by including the official service logo.


Original Design for IC Tag Card (Left: Front; Right: Back)
*The design and texts on the back are subject to change

CERTシール0514 数字タグ

Orginal Design for IC Tag Sticker

A serial number of the IC Tag is written inside the square on the left side of the sticker and at the bottom left of the card. You can easily distinguish different IC Tags and recognize which artwork each tag should be attached to. We have designed the IC Tag in this way for everyone to manage it easily so that no one makes a mistake of attaching a wrong sticker or card.


Image: When you attach an IC Tag Sticker on the Back of Artwork

You are more than welcome to use an IC Tag with an original design shown above, but you can also customize it inserting an issuer’s name or logo. Any kind of art-related organizations such as galleries, art schools, and organizations which issue artwork certificates can provide customized IC Tags of their own brand.

We are already open for business. So, if you are interested in the IC Tag, please contact us by filling out the inquiry form on the Startbahn Cert. website (

■ About Startbahn Cert.

Startbahn Cert. is a service that allows certificate-issuing organizations to issue and manage "Startrail Registry Record” for artworks and an IC Tag linked to information on the record. IC Tags are available in two types: stickers and cards. An artwork owner can view his/her artwork’s SRR information by scanning the IC Tag with his/her smart devices. Organizations involved in the distribution of artworks can issue and transfer SRR through the online interface.

Startbahn Cert. has been developed based on Startrail, a blockchain platform for managing the custody of artworks and their circulation. With Startbahn Cert., it is now undemanding to match the provenance information on blockchain to the real status of the artwork since users can manage both information of the SRR on Startrail and an artwork itself linked by an IC Tag attached to the artwork.

▼ Details about Startbahn Cert.

*About Startrail and Startrail Registry Record (SRR)

Startrail is an infrastructure supporting the development of the fine arts ecosystem by furthering its trust and credibility with blockchain technology.

Issuing a SRR, we can record a variety of information on blockchain such as the basic information of the artist and artwork, its history, and a ruleset about its distribution and use. Not only can we use the SRR as an alternative to current paper-based artwork certificates and sales certificates, but also we can guarantee authenticity of artwork by utilizing trustable blockchain technology with its near tamper-proofness and high transparency. In addition, it will be easier to manage distribution of artworks because an artwork history and its ruleset including royalty-type revenue is automatically executed every time a transaction is made.

Startrail will be run by “Startrail Consortium,” an organization led by Startbahn, to maintain independence and fairness of its public platform. In the future, we plan for this consortium to be jointly led by multiple experts, companies, and organizations.

▼ Details about Startrail

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