Startbahn Partners with Eastern Culture Foundation to Develop Joint Venture and Support Cultural Creation Activity Across Borders


Press Release

Startbahn, Inc., working on “Blockchain x Art,” (CEO: Taihei Shii; hereinafter Startbahn) and the Eastern Culture Foundation (Representative Director: Yoshihisa Nakano, hereinafter ECF) have announced a business partnership to jointly develop art-related businesses utilizing the Art Blockchain Network.

Background of the Business Partnership

Art Blockchain Network (hereinafter ABN), promoted by Startbahn, is an infrastructure supporting the development of the fine arts ecosystem, furthering its trust and credibility using blockchain technology. On October 23, 2019, Startbahn has released a white paper outlining the full scope of ABN and plans to strengthen its global expansion.

Participating in ECF's planning are its founder, the former CEO of Terrada Warehouse, Yoshihisa Nakano, known for transforming Tennozu-Isle, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo from a warehouse district into a unique and culturally vibrant area through the power of art; the architect Kengo Kuma; the Executive Vice-President of Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., Hiroshi Onishi, and others. From 2020, they will be hosting domestic and international art-related events; exchanging human resources; sharing funding and know-how; holding culturally-themed international conferences; enhancing art storage and storage facilities; and supporting young artists in the Eastern Culture Area.

Startbahn and EFC will work together to develop art-related businesses using ABN. We will engage in cultural creation activities not only in Japan but also in the Eastern Culture Area, especially in the Greater China area.

Overview of Startbahn

Startbahn is a company that aims to realize a richer society by providing the technology needed by artists and people involved in art all over the world. We are promoting the development of “Art Blockchain Network,” a blockchain infrastructure for art distribution and evaluation, on the public chain. We are also developing our own online service, “startbahn,” and working on joint projects using blockchain with multiple corporations and organizations.

Overview of ECF

Eastern Culture Foundation was recreated from the Montblanc & Terrada Foundation by Yoshihisa Nakano, the former President and CEO of Terrada Warehouse, using the prize money from the Montblanc De La Culture Arts Patronage Award. ECF aims to cultivate a more culturally rich Eastern Asia area which transcends regions and borders. ECF has six main missions: 1) cultural/arts conferences, 2) awards for lesser-known artists, 3) area revitalization, 4) art conservation, 5) support for young artists, 6) cultural enterprise in the East.

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