Startbahn Raises US$10 Million in Series B Funding


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Miyako Capital Corporation, University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners (UTEC), and several other investors support round to accelerate Startbahn’s expansion of infrastructure for its provenance blockchain and interoperable NFTs.

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Startbahn, the leading art tech company in Asia, has developed Startrail, a sustainable and scalable blockchain infrastructure that assures the reliability, authenticity, and traceability of artworks, including NFTs. Startrail maintains and assures the value of artworks by permanently recording important information such as provenance on the blockchain. With its smart contract feature, Startrail allows the automatic execution of rule sets, including royalty rights, protecting the rights of art world stakeholders.

Startbahn also provides Startbahn Cert., a blockchain certificate issuing service on the Startrail infrastructure. Each certificate can be paired with an IC tag attached to the physical artwork, strengthening the proof of authenticity. Startbahn Cert. is currently already in use by major galleries, art fairs, collectors, artists, arts colleges, and foundations.

With this funding, Startbahn will accelerate its international expansion by continuing to invest in Startrail to assure interoperability for the new generation of NFTs, and will also further improve the Startbahn Cert. application.

The round of investors included: Miyako Capital, The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd (UTEC), Miwa Taguchi, OPS, INC., SX Capital, Inc., TBS Innovation Partner, LLC, iSGS Investment works Inc., Yoshihisa Nakano and Seiichiro Yamamoto.

Startbahn’s CEO, Taihei SHII commented: “We have been working on blockchain projects in the art domain for a long time. I myself am a contemporary artist, so our vision, from the beginning, has been to create an ecosystem and environment for the art industry that will have permanence. Now that we have gained recognition and trust in the Japanese market, and the global NFT market continues to develop, I believe that this is the best time for us to expand our ecosystem worldwide.”

About Startbahn Inc.,

Startbahn provides technology needed by artists and art world stakeholders to provide and assure value in art, including Startbahn Cert., a service that issues blockchain certificates for artworks, and Startrail, a blockchain infrastructure.

Company name: Startbahn, Inc.
CEO: Taihei Shii
Established: March 26, 2014
Address: #255 South Clinical Research Building, The University of Tokyo, 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8485, JAPAN


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